Sunday, March 4, 2012

Life is Beautiful

So we're already into March eh? Crazy that two months can slip like that. I've found a couple of cute pics of O that sum up that time frame for him. He is definitely a toddler now. Likes trying to say words: ball, baby, moon, oh no, no, yogurt (that one's funny to hear), apples, Tootsie, lots of random things. So here's O.

Mr. Independent. And he always has either a scab or a bruise on his face/head. Yeah, that's not chocolate on his lip.

Oh my goodness, he LOVES to color! More-so just hold the crayons and listen to me say their colors.

We got this fun little slide in the backyard that he loves to play on. And he's a dirt-magnet, always playing in it.
His toy corner upstairs. He carries that stool everywhere he can't reach.
Love this! He puts this tub on his head and runs around the house. I call him "Astronaut O" and he gets such a kick out of it.
Loves his fake fish light and he says "ish."

Cute bookworm who is always thumbing through a book.
So there's Owen and some of his cuteness. He is changing so much. Definitely a stinker sometimes, but such a good listener. 
I've got into this huge craft kick lately. It started with pinterest, of course, and making a quiet book for O on Sundays. (Almost done and I'll post pictures of it.) But I also have wanted to do some more things for our little girl who will be here in 8 weeks.  Here's 3 things I have finished.

I love garage sales. Saturday mornings are lovely. Found these 2 lovely frames for 50 cents and $1.

Good-bye puppy and hello cute butterflies. Baby Chloe's room will have a butterfly theme so this will be precious.

I went way girly with that nasty black frame. Pink and purple paint, sparkles and ribbon made this a cute hair-pieces holder. Now I get to make things to fill it with!!!!!
This frame had a hilarious old school Japanese wedding photo in it. Now it's mine and Bryan's love message board. I can change out the background paper and we constantly change our love reasons with dry erase markers on the glass.

 And here are some updated prego pics. She is such a mover compared to O!
At Week 26ish I think a bit ago. Finally got a baby bump.
Current Week 32 picture. She's getting so big! 8 weeks to go!


  1. Oh I didn't know you had a name for her! Love it. You are so cute. And Owen is adorable.

  2. owen! come to me little man! cannot wait to see you in less than two weeks :)