Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Old post that I didn't know I had :)

Oh, how I love summer! True, it is ridiculously hot, but you get over it when you decide to just have some fun! And what better way to have some fun then at the pool and during holidays with family!
O was loving the pool and had the pruney feet to prove it!

And because he was not blessed with his father's nice olive skin, he's a little white boy and got to wear the classic baby hat. But he loved swimmin' with Bryan. O even went under the water and got thrown in the air without crying! Go O!

Cousin Miles was a little fish. No fear with swimming. One day O will soar like him! But hopefully he will be able to keep his pants on! :)

And then we had 4th of July. How fun that is to see the absolute delight on the kid's faces when they watch the fireworks or play with sparklers. (At least the ones who can stay awake long enough.) O was so confused that I was giving him fire to play with. But the cousins were going all over with their sparklers.
And here's O with great-grandma Sally. We had a big swim party and bbq at her house before the firework show. And sadly, the show was nothing like Taylorsville Days. Which was a big bummer that we had to miss this year. My first time missing it since I started dating Bryan. But we'll try to make up for it next year. Until then, hugs and smiles for everyone! Hope you enjoyed your holiday!

Summer Fun

 So I love summer time. It was a blast being a kid during it and I am loving having fun with our kid too! So many simple joys. O found one.... juice boxes. Cousin Sloan shared with him and boy does he love sucking from straws now!
Mmmm... Not watered down juice!
 Here is another thing summer thing I have wanted to do since college. Oh yeah, my roomies and I totally did finger painting once. Talk about a blast! And if "mature" college girls loved it, what would a kid think about it!?!?
All suited up and fully covered.

Didn't really know what to think about the junk on his hands. But he loved the squishy sound affects Mom was making.

But it sure was tasty! (Thank goodness for non-toxic)

Of course all 3 of us got our hands dirty. Bryan even made an adorable picture. I will have to take a picture of all of our masterpieces after they are hung up. I am using them as wall art in O's bedroom.