Monday, June 21, 2010

7 Months and Paradise!

I am hoping that it is just because it's summertime that life is passing so quickly. Maybe when I actually have Owen, life will slow down a bit. Gut instincts are telling me no though. It is almost the end of June! In about 8 weeks we're going to have a squealing small-fry in our home. Crazy crazy crazy.
So I guess it's time for my monthly post. Maybe I should post more often. We'll see. Once I get a computer in my office, I think that will change. So here's how the belly is doing.

It's interesting because now I can tell that he is steadily getting bigger. We are going to gain about a pound a week for the next 8 weeks I'm told. Hopefully that's more him than me :)

One of my doctor's visits a couple weeks ago wasn't my normal in and out. She measured my belly about 5 different times before telling me that I was measuring too small and that I needed to get another ultrasound to make sure everything was all right. Kind of not-fun to hear, but she said I just probably wasn't going to have an 8 pound baby. Ok by me. But the ultrasound showed that he was almost 4 pounds and in the 64th percentile at 31 weeks. She even moved me up 4 days! So my due dates have gone from August 19th-14th-10th. I'm shootin' for somewhere in there. My stomach is in constant motion and I finally felt his first batch of hiccups. So fun! Seems to be doing hunky-dorey.

Next item of today's post: Bryan and I decided to take one last "we don't have any kids to keep us home yet" fling. So we saved our pennies and took a jaunt over to Hawaii to chillax over there. We were there from June 7th-12th. And what a blast we had!!! It was a great blessing and very relaxing. We rented our own car so we could go where ever we wanted to on the island of Oahu. Here's some things we got to do:

This pic was taken at the Polynesian Cultural Center. That was a ton of fun! I haven't laughed that hard in a long time. Some of the shows we saw were just down-right hilarious. And the night show was spectacular. Good times.

This is what Bryan was doing almost the whole time. If that boy could have little cameras taped to his eyeballs so he could capture everything we saw in Hawaii, he would have been one happy camper. But he is so passionate about film that it was adorable to see his serious face when he was getting "the perfect shot."

When Bryan was pulling off the road with one of his random shots, we just happened to find these massive sea turtles chillin' on the beach on the North Shore. We had gone snorkeling at Hanauma Bay, but only saw fish. These guys were awesome to swim right next to. Gotta love free things!

Fun little beach by the PCC where this dude let us hold a crab he had caught. These were the smartest little boogers I had ever seen! Impossible to get a video of.

One of the best parts of Hawaii, the views and sunsets. And we weren't even on the prettiest island! We saw sunsets from all of the 4 shores, and the West shore was by far our favorite. We got out of our hotel room in Waikiki as often as we could. Way too touristy. Gallon of milk=$8. Gag me with a spork! The Swap Meet was the place to go though. Loved their prices! Also went to Pearl Harbor and the USS Arizona Memorial. Very nice. Went on a city tour, got lost/turned around a ton with all of their stinkin' one way streets. I am so not a good navigator in new places. The Dole plantation was cool too. I have never seen so many different kinds of pineapple in my life! But they had yummy samples :)

All in all it was a wonderful vacation. Bryan and I enjoyed our time together and are now looking forward to our time with little Owen.