Thursday, August 25, 2011


Our little boy is 1 year old!!! Holy Buckets. I am scared to think of how fast life is going to keep going.
He is such a cutie. His little smile/smirk will melt your heart. He loves making noises and copying all of the funny sounds Bryan and I make.... which is quite a lot. He obviously thinks walking is for the weak because he wants nothing to do with it. Crawling all the way. If he could only drink juice for all of his meals, he'd be the happiest kid in the world. And if Owen finds out you are eating something sugarish and not sharing with him, freak out. Bryan passed that sweet tooth on to him :) But there are some fun O facts.

Now, on to the party! Bestemor and Bestefar came all the way down from Utah for the fun time. They went through some crazy things and we felt very blessed to have them for even the short time that we did. We love seeing the Illguth family whenever we can. First we went swimming at great-grandma and grandpa's. The classic Sessions' family birthday party.

Bryan filled up a TON of water balloons and we have a blast with them in the pool.

Then it was back to our house for pizza, cake, ice cream and presents. O was a good sport for everything he let us do to him.

With cake time, we had gotten him his own personal trashing cake. He wasn't so sure about this thing with fire on it placed in front of him.

It wasn't until Bryan ripped part of it open and he saw the goodness inside that he went to town. Mainly on the frosting.

And he LOVED the cold ice cream. He held it forever it seemed like.

He is getting so good at sharing :)

I also made a separate cake for everyone else. We had a cute bug theme going. Chocolate cake with chocolate frosting and Oreo crumbs. Topped with sour gummy worms. Mmmm..... (O is too young to have a favorite cake yet, so I went with one of mine :)

Then we attempted to have O open some of his presents. He had no idea what was going on like any normal 1 year old. But he got some wonderful things that he already has a blast playing with. He says thank-you in his own special way to everyone!!!!!

Looking forward to another year full of laughter and smiles! We love you Owen!!!!