Thursday, December 15, 2011

November Catch-up

There were some fun things that happened in November to our family, so we can't go on to December without giving them a blog of their own!
First off, our fam got to go up to Utah to be with the Illguth family for Thanksgiving. It was sooo wonderful to see them. It had been almost a year since we had seen a lot of Bryan's family. And we got to meet two new and beautiful nieces! And Thanksgiving dinner.... holy buckets. I have no problem saying it was my best tasting one yet! I am hungry again just thinking about it! 
Cutest decorations! Mel is so crafty. Our family is growing so big! So there will be more kids than adults!!!
We shared the good news of being prego with a girl with binkies and sparkling cider. Mmmm...
Love my adorable husband! Never a dull moment :) And love the snow right?!? Marshmallows and fishing line.

The Illguth Family!
 Then after family got sick of us, we crashed with the friends! Jake and Heidi were kind enough to let us stay with them. Poor Natalie didn't know what she was getting herself into! :) But we had a tasty breakfast with the Hansen's and a clown show!
O loved the dove!
And he thought he was Mr. Cool with all of the girls.
Hansen Family #1
Hansen Family #2- (Bryan should have worn grey and we would have been matchy families!)
 Then at the end of our trip, we went to Ogden to see the fairy cottage where Steve and Jacque are staying. They took us to the train museum! And O had a blast!!! Choo Chooo!

Bestefar and O

Bestemor and O

Huge Polar Express train!

 We also got to celebrate a very special day..... Bryan's birthday! It was a bit low-key this year. He got a much needed drill and work shoes. But we are already getting ready for his 30th birthday. Now that one is going to be fun!!!!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Sugar & Spice & Everything Nice

Well, it's time to whip out the pink and the purple because...
... We're having a baby girl! And we are very excited to be having another addition to our family on the way. She is due on April 28th, so we're steering clear of the summer pregnancy (thank goodness!!) I am totally ready to decorate her room and have some fun with colors besides blue. (Although it was a very nice color for O.) 

Here's our last ultrasound of her that we took a week ago. Her cute little profile shot.

Of course the ultrasound tech started at the head with all of the measurements. I was getting so anxious. I had felt that it was a boy so I was expecting to see some male anatomy. Surprise to us! I have no motherly instincts as to baby gender. Wrong for her and O. It took a while for it to sink in that our baby was a girl, but when it did, I was all smiles :) It will be a fun new journey for our family. Plus, it will be nice to have some girl on my side of the family. She'll be the first one with 4 boys ahead of her. She's going to have to be one tough cookie. We'll see what name we pick, going back and forth. And... that's all for now. Let the shopping begin!!!

Sunday, November 6, 2011


Oh, what a delightful holiday! Only Christmas can top costumes, candy, decorating and parties. And boy did we do all of those this year. 
So, we had our 3rd annual Halloween party this year. We had all of our regulars come, plus a few newcomers. It's always wonderful to hear how much fun the families all had.
People brought lots of tasty treats. Plus we had soups and chili for dinner with tasty spinach artichoke dip. Mmmm!!!
By far my favorite Halloween decoration is the bubble fogger we got last year. Pop a bubble from the machine and fog floats out. It was a hit this year, especially when the trick-or-treaters came to get their candy. The zombie bride Abbi captures the sure bliss.
Here were our costume winners this year. Although it was a close race because of all of the cleverness people came with!!!
Zombies Abbi and Cooper got best couple. (Poor kids died on their wedding night...)
Elastigirl Brooke got best adult costume. And she totally pulled it off being 5 months pregnant!
Cleopatra Sara got best kid's costume. She was totally decked out.
The Man in the Yellow Hat Daniel and Curious George Benson won funniest costume overall. You couldn't help but smile to see Daniel's total yellow outfit.
  And here are just some other people in their smashing costumes.
You couldn't touch Jarom because his red dye, I mean blood would stain everything! But he was gross.
Indian Jones Dean and Marion Danette. Cute duo.
Here were some fun games that we played that night.
The kids started off with the Zombie Trot, a cupcake walk that they actually all had a lot of fun with.

We had a group game called Witch's Brew where each team had to find all 6 of the witch's ingredients that fell into a pumpkin. Boy, was it a messy, but fun one!
For our couples game, we had Sweet n' Sour, a candy corn toss. It was the first couple to 5 "sweet" candy corns. But the catch was, every time they missed they had to take a shot of the "sour" lemon and pickle juice creation we had. (Heard it was nasty. Yeah right like I was trying it!) But here were the guys.

And here were the ladies. Most people chickened out on drinking the stuff :)
 After the couple game we played Fright Factor. We didn't get a picture of the kid or men's group. But the kids were blindfolded and told to be the first one to eat everything on their plate. We played it up to be nasty. But all it was were gummy worms in honey. But they were fearless and stuffed everything into their mouths without knowing it!
The guys were hilarious! Wish I had a video. But we put before them a set mousetrap with a gummy worm on it and told them to be the first to get theirs off and eat it. Then we blindfolded them too. The guys were freaking out!!! They and their wives all thought they would lose a finger. But while they couldn't see, we switched out the set traps for just pieces of wood with the worm on it. So funny to see them so apprehensive in getting their worm.
The girls actually got the nasty stuff. The had to be first to eat Spam, spiced octopus, and a sardine. Denise and Janeen on the left were the only two women who would do it. But you gotta do a close up on the audience's faces. It was gross!!!

Our family were a bunch of cavemen. Gotta love thrift store cheap material and homemade costumes!

O was adorable. His feet only touched the ground twice at the party.

And Oh, how he loved trick-or-treating!!! Actually, Bryan was the one running from house to house with him. But O would knock on the door and grab his candy. Huge sugar tooth.

 Hooray for Halloween!!! Such a fun night and fun people to be around. Looking forward to next year!!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Old post that I didn't know I had :)

Oh, how I love summer! True, it is ridiculously hot, but you get over it when you decide to just have some fun! And what better way to have some fun then at the pool and during holidays with family!
O was loving the pool and had the pruney feet to prove it!

And because he was not blessed with his father's nice olive skin, he's a little white boy and got to wear the classic baby hat. But he loved swimmin' with Bryan. O even went under the water and got thrown in the air without crying! Go O!

Cousin Miles was a little fish. No fear with swimming. One day O will soar like him! But hopefully he will be able to keep his pants on! :)

And then we had 4th of July. How fun that is to see the absolute delight on the kid's faces when they watch the fireworks or play with sparklers. (At least the ones who can stay awake long enough.) O was so confused that I was giving him fire to play with. But the cousins were going all over with their sparklers.
And here's O with great-grandma Sally. We had a big swim party and bbq at her house before the firework show. And sadly, the show was nothing like Taylorsville Days. Which was a big bummer that we had to miss this year. My first time missing it since I started dating Bryan. But we'll try to make up for it next year. Until then, hugs and smiles for everyone! Hope you enjoyed your holiday!

Summer Fun

 So I love summer time. It was a blast being a kid during it and I am loving having fun with our kid too! So many simple joys. O found one.... juice boxes. Cousin Sloan shared with him and boy does he love sucking from straws now!
Mmmm... Not watered down juice!
 Here is another thing summer thing I have wanted to do since college. Oh yeah, my roomies and I totally did finger painting once. Talk about a blast! And if "mature" college girls loved it, what would a kid think about it!?!?
All suited up and fully covered.

Didn't really know what to think about the junk on his hands. But he loved the squishy sound affects Mom was making.

But it sure was tasty! (Thank goodness for non-toxic)

Of course all 3 of us got our hands dirty. Bryan even made an adorable picture. I will have to take a picture of all of our masterpieces after they are hung up. I am using them as wall art in O's bedroom.

Thursday, August 25, 2011


Our little boy is 1 year old!!! Holy Buckets. I am scared to think of how fast life is going to keep going.
He is such a cutie. His little smile/smirk will melt your heart. He loves making noises and copying all of the funny sounds Bryan and I make.... which is quite a lot. He obviously thinks walking is for the weak because he wants nothing to do with it. Crawling all the way. If he could only drink juice for all of his meals, he'd be the happiest kid in the world. And if Owen finds out you are eating something sugarish and not sharing with him, freak out. Bryan passed that sweet tooth on to him :) But there are some fun O facts.

Now, on to the party! Bestemor and Bestefar came all the way down from Utah for the fun time. They went through some crazy things and we felt very blessed to have them for even the short time that we did. We love seeing the Illguth family whenever we can. First we went swimming at great-grandma and grandpa's. The classic Sessions' family birthday party.

Bryan filled up a TON of water balloons and we have a blast with them in the pool.

Then it was back to our house for pizza, cake, ice cream and presents. O was a good sport for everything he let us do to him.

With cake time, we had gotten him his own personal trashing cake. He wasn't so sure about this thing with fire on it placed in front of him.

It wasn't until Bryan ripped part of it open and he saw the goodness inside that he went to town. Mainly on the frosting.

And he LOVED the cold ice cream. He held it forever it seemed like.

He is getting so good at sharing :)

I also made a separate cake for everyone else. We had a cute bug theme going. Chocolate cake with chocolate frosting and Oreo crumbs. Topped with sour gummy worms. Mmmm..... (O is too young to have a favorite cake yet, so I went with one of mine :)

Then we attempted to have O open some of his presents. He had no idea what was going on like any normal 1 year old. But he got some wonderful things that he already has a blast playing with. He says thank-you in his own special way to everyone!!!!!

Looking forward to another year full of laughter and smiles! We love you Owen!!!!