Sunday, April 18, 2010


So we made it through the half way mark. I am now officially in my 5th month and week 23. Little Owen decided to make my belly all of a sudden pop out, so this is the result. It's nice to have more of a bump now so that people aren't wondering if it's fat or baby. He kicks like a black belt ninja, which will only get more intense, and is already weighing around 1 pound! (Ridiculous that he is only 1 pound of the bunch I have gained.) Bryan felt him kick on the outside for the first time about two weeks ago. That was way cool! It helps to know that you aren't crazy about feeling something moving in your stomach.
I'm not really feeling sick or anything anymore, which is way nice. A little heartburn and some headaches from heat is all. Nothing bad at all. Hopefully it stays that way :) My feet do kill though. Being on them all day at work is not doing wonders for them. ONLY 5 WEEKS LEFT! I can't believe this school year is almost over! Beauty.
And we do have some other babies at our house. Baby tomatoes! We bought a plant a couple of weeks ago and there are about 7 little green tomatoes on it already. We are surprised we haven't killed it yet. So we'll see if we have some Roma tomatoes within the next couple of weeks.