Friday, March 25, 2011

Good grief...

My last post was when O was 3 months old?!? Gag me with a spork. He's now up to 7. So I've decided on a new tactic. I changed my background to something that I will have to change at least when Easter is over so I HAVE to get back on to do that. Maybe it will remind me to blog.... It's a long shot but worth a try.

4 months of back blogging.... That could be very boring. So to catch up on the BKO Illguth family I shall do some picture highlights until I get caught up to the present.

Start with Halloween. Our party was way fun and everyone had a great time dressing up and eatin' grub. I love the mandatory dress-up rule. We got some good costumes.
Our family dressed up like hill-billies. I didn't get a good picture of all of us. But Bryan was a hoot and O got to wear a flour sack :) This picture didn't quite capture how much the kids LOVED our Halloween treasure box!

Next was Christmas in Utah. It was O's first Christmas and he got to go on his first roadtrip. He did ok on it, except for the fact that he was kinda sick. Poor guy. This was how he spent his Christmas morning. It was so fun to see the Illguth family though!

Hahaha. I love my husband. He dressed up with a snowman kit we got from Steve and Jacque.

Other than those holidays, not too much has happened to us as a family. But Baby O is growing up fast! Rolling over was a big milestone and he conquered that one a while ago. Now he's a steamroller on the floor because he can't crawl yet. He started sitting on his own a couple of weeks ago. He's already had two haircuts. Not because it's growing too fast, but because it was this nasty old-guy comb over looking thing. Here's after his first one.

And this was just an adorable older picture of him!

But here's pictures of what he looks like now. And he's sportin' his new teeth in these pictures! He got them at 6 1/2 months, so a couple weeks ago. So nice to have them in so he can sleep through the nights again!

So there's a tidbit for now. I have some other stuff but I don't want this post too long. And I'll have to figure out how to add some videos....