Friday, July 8, 2011

1st Daddy's Day!

I know it was a bit ago, but I gotta do a post for Bryan and his first Daddy's Day with O. I had a blast getting things ready for the day.
Bryan first had "breakfast out of bed" because he was out of bed before O and I could bring it to him. Then he got some simple gifts. My favorite was this tie that I made for him. Boy was that one fun to come up with! I had seen bow ties, so I tried this one.

O sure loves his dad. When Bryan comes home and sweeps him off the ground....priceless. Dad is definitely more fun than mom :)
But I think that this was one of Bryan's favorite gifts. If you know Bryan, you know that he absolutely LOVES Legos and Pirates of the Caribbean (plus he can do a kick-trash impersonation of Jack). When he saw that they had come out with Cap. Jack legos, he about fell to pieces. And he says I'M still a kid at heart! So we got him this set from the last movie. Jack, Barbossa and Blackbeard.
What a wonderful dad Bryan is and he's only on his first one! I have a blast parenting with him. O and I sure do appreciate everything that he does as the father of our home. Happy Father's Day!