Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Last One!

So it has finally come, the last month of the pregnancy. Well, more like the last 3 weeks. I hit my 37 week mark yesterday, so I am now considered "full term" and he is allowed to come any time he wants. For my 8 month pictures, we took it in Owen's room with his freshly painted walls and his crib that we FINALLY got set up. Bryan did an awesome job making it nice and sturdy for our youngin'. And cousin Benson has already tested it out for Owen. He slept like a dream :)

I need more of a side-profile shot so you could tell that my belly has changed shape. About a week ago, he totally dropped. One day I was having nasty heartburn and regular nature calls. The next day the burn was almost all gone and full instead of 5 bathroom trips an hour. I have had a lot more Braxton Hicks too. My uterus is getting nice and strong so it can get that baby out fast...hopefully.

I am still toying with the idea of going all natural or getting an epidural. Especially after Bryan and I went to these child/labor prep classes. We learned some interesting information and I keep testing Bryan on all of the terminology. He's getting pretty good at it. So much to learn that I am just ready to experience it to understand more. I'll post more of Owen's room when I get more of it put together.