Saturday, January 23, 2010

Our Tiny Miracle

You gotta love it when a new chapter starts in life. And this is a chapter that we have been looking forward to and major excited for! Bryan and I are going to be welcoming in a new addition to our family!!! And no, it's not our maltese puppy, which is going to happen around Valentine's Day. We are going to have a baby!

I had my first doctor's appointment last Wednesday with the same doctor that my sister Brooke is using. Bryan came with me so we got to experience everything together. When we finally got to the ultrasound part, what a miracle it was to be able to see a little growing human being inside of me! We got to see it wiggle around and watch it's tiny heart beating. The picture above and below are what we saw. The baby is looking at you in both of them. It was a beautiful experience and interesting to see the cause of all of my nausea :)

I am almost 11 weeks along now and due in the middle of August. This summer is going to be a fun one! Hot and prego. I think I am going to be living in the pool. I'm not showing yet, but when I start to, I will be putting up some pictures. Bryan and I are super stoked and are having fun making future plans. God has His timetable and we are thankful for this little peanut!!!