Friday, February 26, 2010

3 months!

So I had my 3 month appointment about 2 days ago. This one I did solo. Here's a couple of things that I found out:

-I am on week 15
-I am blood type A-
-I don't have any nasty diseases that I could have picked up from my students (thank goodness!)
-I gained 4 pounds (I wasn't super excited about that news, but doc said it was normal)
-My stomach was measured and she said it was getting bigger. It's not totally noticeable yet, but my side profile isn't looking so flat anymore...
-Our baby has a nice, loud, strong heartbeat. It took a second to find it because the baby was so wiggly.
-And lastly, we get to find out what we are having on March 22! The Monday after Spring Break! That's less then 4 weeks away!!! YIPPEE! So when the date gets closer, we'll have to get some votes on what people think the gender is. I have been itching to do at least SOMETHING babyish, whether it be decorating or buying even one piece of clothing.

I need to take a 3 month picture and put it on here in the near future. I just don't look too different. So we'll see. I have found a pair of jeans and work pants that don't fit like they used to. Going maternity clothes shopping in the future is going to be awesome!!! I am looking forward to that one.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Our Little Tootsie!

So I finally was able to get the dog that I have always dreamed of! And boy, was she worth waiting for! What a little fluffball of joy. So much personality stuffed into one little puppy. She is totally darting everywhere one second chewing on her rope, then curled in a ball in your lap falling asleep. She loves to chew on practically everything: the legs of our chairs, Bryan's nose, your fingers and toes, and especially the leaves when she is supposed to be going to the bathroom. She is just a tiny 6 week old puppy right now.

We have gotten to see Tootsie ever since she was 3 weeks old. In this picture she was around 4 weeks old. She would not leave Bryan's side when we went to visit.

Just like a newborn, passed out for over half of the day. And this bed we got DROWNS her. But she has some way fun toys.

Hahaha! Today she took her first bath. She HATED it! Well, she did fine getting wet and staying in the sink. She looked like a little white rat, as you can tell by the pictures. But what she couldn't stand was the blowdryer. So she airdryed while she shivered her tail off.

I was not her favorite person at this moment...

But talk about an angel. What a fun little addition to our family. And she's preparing us for our upcoming baby. (She bawls all night long in her kennel...) She will bring us lots of smiles in the years to come!