Sunday, April 3, 2011

Smores, tents, smoke and dirt

You gotta love camping! And the fact that we can do it here in Arizona already!!! (Sorry about the snow UT peeps.) A couple of weeks ago we went a little down south and whipped out the camping stuff. We went with my mom's side of the family, the Caffrey's. They were a blast to camp with. And the Caffrey's are all about food, so we were eatin' well. Here's our lovely campsite. (Had to drive through a creek bed to get here!)

Nice and deserty. The only problem was that you had to watch where you were doin' your business so you didn't squat on a cactus :) But this was O's first camping trip and he did a fabulous job! He loved chillin out by the fire. (Not too close...)

But his bed was the best. It was FREEZING at night and I didn't want him to wake up. So I wrapped him in 3 layers of clothes and multiple blankets made up his bed. He was so toasty and didn't wake up all night, even though the wind was SOOO loud and no one in the whole camp slept!!! Plus that was the night that he cut his first tooth! Go O!

Here is a cool time-lapse picture Bryan took of our tent at night.

And here are my boys with O's ugly hat that served its purpose... no sunburn.

My nephew Miles digging for treasure...

And O and I. Don't judge.... I am allowed to look scary when I am camping. :)