Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Summer Lovin'

So, it's still summer and it's still hot. What to do for Labor Day? Splash pad!!! They are a life saver in Mesa. The Sessions family went to this splash pad to have a cool evening together. Well, cool for the kids. Bryan got some cute footage of the kids playing and decided to make a video with it. So here it is!

Splash Pad from Bryan Illguth on Vimeo.

Isn't he amazing! So talented. Love him to death. And those kiddos are all keepers.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Chloe Lynn Illguth

She's Here!!!

Our little girl finally decided that it was time to grace the world with her presence. And what an exciting little journey it has been for our family. Here's 2 update versions, short version and long.

Short Version:
Chloe Lynn Illguth
Born Friday, April 27, 2012  6:04 pm
7 lbs 10 oz   (same as Owen)
20 1/4 inches long

All 4 of us are doing wonderful! Chloe is a good eater and sleeper. No complications or stresses for us to worry about.
Owen had a hard time at first when we brought his new sister home, but he's getting used to her now.
Bryan is amazing! He was a champ helping me at the hospital and took some time off of work to help me here at home. I love his guts. 
I had a whirlwind delivery, but all went well. My recovery has been speedy and my spirits high. I love having a little girl!

Long Version: 
Here's the full story for all who wish to know.
So all of Thursday night I was having very mild contractions, off and on. Didn't think much of them. Woke up Friday morning and let Bryan know that I didn't really sleep, and we just kinda shrugged them off. Then I had a playgroup lunch date that afternoon and my friends thought I was crazy for coming while I was still having contractions. But it gets even better. I still went and did my VT for the month with some more intense contractions! (Not doing that ever again.) But I was getting through them just fine so I just pushed passed them.
I called Bryan when I got home around 3 pm and let him know that I wasn't feeling so hot and to be prepared to come home. Called him about half an hour later and told him to come home when the contractions were about 4 minutes apart. I was finally feeling like these were real labor contractions that weren't going away. My Grandma and Grandpa Caffrey came over so I wasn't home alone with O. Plus my grandma was a nurse and she helped me breath through my contractions until Bryan came home. So nice.
We got to the hospital around 5 pm and finally got into a triage room at 5:15 pm (seemed like 2 hours.) I guess I looked as calm as a cucumber because the nurse was taking her merry time asking me all of these lame-o questions. When she finally checked me, her eyes got huge and she said, "How about an 8 or 9!" After that, my bed wheels were making sparks as they flew me down to labor and delivery. I got an epidural, and I am so glad that I did. But if I hadn't had Bryan there with me I would not have been able to get through it. While I was getting the epidural, I was already feeling the urge to push. A couple minutes and pushes later, we had a screaming, pink, healthy baby girl.

Even though everything was kinda rushed and a bit painful, I am so glad I got to do most of my laboring at home. Having a baby in 45 minutes at the hospital is definitely how I would want to do it again. It's been fun having another baby at home. O seems like a big kid now. But we feel so blessed that all went well and things are going smoothly. Now we'll have to see if I survive next week not having Bryan at home... :)

Coming Home!!!

Nettie made it to the delivery.... barely.


Not so interested. He would rather have my balloon.

Chillin' with Grams.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Life is Beautiful

So we're already into March eh? Crazy that two months can slip like that. I've found a couple of cute pics of O that sum up that time frame for him. He is definitely a toddler now. Likes trying to say words: ball, baby, moon, oh no, no, yogurt (that one's funny to hear), apples, Tootsie, lots of random things. So here's O.

Mr. Independent. And he always has either a scab or a bruise on his face/head. Yeah, that's not chocolate on his lip.

Oh my goodness, he LOVES to color! More-so just hold the crayons and listen to me say their colors.

We got this fun little slide in the backyard that he loves to play on. And he's a dirt-magnet, always playing in it.
His toy corner upstairs. He carries that stool everywhere he can't reach.
Love this! He puts this tub on his head and runs around the house. I call him "Astronaut O" and he gets such a kick out of it.
Loves his fake fish light and he says "ish."

Cute bookworm who is always thumbing through a book.
So there's Owen and some of his cuteness. He is changing so much. Definitely a stinker sometimes, but such a good listener. 
I've got into this huge craft kick lately. It started with pinterest, of course, and making a quiet book for O on Sundays. (Almost done and I'll post pictures of it.) But I also have wanted to do some more things for our little girl who will be here in 8 weeks.  Here's 3 things I have finished.

I love garage sales. Saturday mornings are lovely. Found these 2 lovely frames for 50 cents and $1.

Good-bye puppy and hello cute butterflies. Baby Chloe's room will have a butterfly theme so this will be precious.

I went way girly with that nasty black frame. Pink and purple paint, sparkles and ribbon made this a cute hair-pieces holder. Now I get to make things to fill it with!!!!!
This frame had a hilarious old school Japanese wedding photo in it. Now it's mine and Bryan's love message board. I can change out the background paper and we constantly change our love reasons with dry erase markers on the glass.

 And here are some updated prego pics. She is such a mover compared to O!
At Week 26ish I think a bit ago. Finally got a baby bump.
Current Week 32 picture. She's getting so big! 8 weeks to go!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

It's Christmas Time!!!


Oh, what a wonderful time of the year. You just can't help but walk around with a smile on your face, at least I couldn't. Especially whenever I imagined Dec. 23rd. This year was Christmas on my side and my family and siblings decided to go to Montana and have a Caffrey Christmas.
I have such fond memories of going up there every couple of years as a child. I big house up on the side of a mountain, covered in snow. The best sledding hill//driveway you could imagine. 14 foot high Christmas tree. Food and games forever. But it's hard transferring memories to a spouse and child, so I was just ready for Bryan and O to experience it themselves. Here's what we came up with :)

O's first plane ride would have been a disaster if Bryan hadn't of been there. He is such a wonderful Dad! Yay for getting O to sleep!!

"Let me out and play guys! We're in Montana!"
 Christmas Eve
Santa's cookies got a little taste-testing.
O got to be baby Jesus in our Broadway production of "Jesus' Birth."
He did a most excellent job. Especially when he got to play with the lighter fluid the wise man brought for him :)

Christmas pinata
Christmas Morning!!!
The cuties were his favorite thing in his stocking. Nice 6 am snack.
Wasn't so sure about the ripping-the-paper thing I was doing.
I made Bryan this cute little desk calendar for his work with pics of O and I in it. His tears told me he loved it :)
We had the wonderful services of someone to pull us back up the mountain after we had sledded all the way down.
But not everyone always made it up in one piece.
Since sledding and prego doesn't go too well, I built this sweet jump for the sledders.
Uncle Perry getting air.
Bryan getting powder.
Uncle Dan and Jarom built another ramp. Needed more air than 2 inches I guess.
Ha. Love Jarom's face.
Bryan shooting video, not animals, in Yellowstone.
Hahaha! This poor elk who looked like he just got out of a boxing ring let my dad get within 5 feet of him. Look at the face he gave the camera!
And of course, O loved the snow. Not so much the sledding, but the white stuff was an automatic hit.

It's getting colder... 70 degrees!

When it finally hit December 1st, we were so excited to get ready for Christmas! (Me especially because I knew we were going to Montana! Bryan was fretting about the Bridal Fair.) Out came a bum load of decorations and we were so ready. Here are some pics that sum up that time frame.

Of course Bryan threw a sippy into the Christmas tree box so O would go after it...

No snow is just a given in Mesa. So O decided to make his own styrofoam snow. He would have made a blizzard if I would have let him :)  

Then we decided to whip out our gingerbread train. We didn't have enough time to make it last year, so we were ready for it this time. Frosting was a bit dried out, but that candy has a very long shelf life. O didn't mind at all. His eyes just lit up when all of the candy was dumped out on the table and when he shoved his hand into the frosting jar. He was sad when the tub washed off his secret stashes of sugar for his nap time :)

Then there were the Christmas lights at the Mesa temple. O LOVED them. He has a small fetish with lights. It was a blast to walk around together as a family and enjoy the festive season. So ready for snow and Christmas!!!