Thursday, January 12, 2012

It's Christmas Time!!!


Oh, what a wonderful time of the year. You just can't help but walk around with a smile on your face, at least I couldn't. Especially whenever I imagined Dec. 23rd. This year was Christmas on my side and my family and siblings decided to go to Montana and have a Caffrey Christmas.
I have such fond memories of going up there every couple of years as a child. I big house up on the side of a mountain, covered in snow. The best sledding hill//driveway you could imagine. 14 foot high Christmas tree. Food and games forever. But it's hard transferring memories to a spouse and child, so I was just ready for Bryan and O to experience it themselves. Here's what we came up with :)

O's first plane ride would have been a disaster if Bryan hadn't of been there. He is such a wonderful Dad! Yay for getting O to sleep!!

"Let me out and play guys! We're in Montana!"
 Christmas Eve
Santa's cookies got a little taste-testing.
O got to be baby Jesus in our Broadway production of "Jesus' Birth."
He did a most excellent job. Especially when he got to play with the lighter fluid the wise man brought for him :)

Christmas pinata
Christmas Morning!!!
The cuties were his favorite thing in his stocking. Nice 6 am snack.
Wasn't so sure about the ripping-the-paper thing I was doing.
I made Bryan this cute little desk calendar for his work with pics of O and I in it. His tears told me he loved it :)
We had the wonderful services of someone to pull us back up the mountain after we had sledded all the way down.
But not everyone always made it up in one piece.
Since sledding and prego doesn't go too well, I built this sweet jump for the sledders.
Uncle Perry getting air.
Bryan getting powder.
Uncle Dan and Jarom built another ramp. Needed more air than 2 inches I guess.
Ha. Love Jarom's face.
Bryan shooting video, not animals, in Yellowstone.
Hahaha! This poor elk who looked like he just got out of a boxing ring let my dad get within 5 feet of him. Look at the face he gave the camera!
And of course, O loved the snow. Not so much the sledding, but the white stuff was an automatic hit.

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