Thursday, December 15, 2011

November Catch-up

There were some fun things that happened in November to our family, so we can't go on to December without giving them a blog of their own!
First off, our fam got to go up to Utah to be with the Illguth family for Thanksgiving. It was sooo wonderful to see them. It had been almost a year since we had seen a lot of Bryan's family. And we got to meet two new and beautiful nieces! And Thanksgiving dinner.... holy buckets. I have no problem saying it was my best tasting one yet! I am hungry again just thinking about it! 
Cutest decorations! Mel is so crafty. Our family is growing so big! So there will be more kids than adults!!!
We shared the good news of being prego with a girl with binkies and sparkling cider. Mmmm...
Love my adorable husband! Never a dull moment :) And love the snow right?!? Marshmallows and fishing line.

The Illguth Family!
 Then after family got sick of us, we crashed with the friends! Jake and Heidi were kind enough to let us stay with them. Poor Natalie didn't know what she was getting herself into! :) But we had a tasty breakfast with the Hansen's and a clown show!
O loved the dove!
And he thought he was Mr. Cool with all of the girls.
Hansen Family #1
Hansen Family #2- (Bryan should have worn grey and we would have been matchy families!)
 Then at the end of our trip, we went to Ogden to see the fairy cottage where Steve and Jacque are staying. They took us to the train museum! And O had a blast!!! Choo Chooo!

Bestefar and O

Bestemor and O

Huge Polar Express train!

 We also got to celebrate a very special day..... Bryan's birthday! It was a bit low-key this year. He got a much needed drill and work shoes. But we are already getting ready for his 30th birthday. Now that one is going to be fun!!!!